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In the news…Questions about Cologuard?

Screening tests for colon cancer can be divided into those tests that can prevent colon cancer and those tests that just detect a cancer after it has formed.

Cologuard is a cancer detection test. Specifically, it tests for genetic mutations in stool that are associated with colon cancer. It will correctly identify 92% of individuals that have colon cancer. It will not, however, be able to decrease your risk of developing cancer because it is not able to reliably detect precancerous polyps. If a Cologuard test comes back positive, a follow up colonoscopy will be recommended.

Recognize that only a colonoscopy can prevent colon cancer by detecting and removing precancerous polyps. About one out of three patients will have polyps removed during his or her colonoscopy.

So what is the bottom line?

Colon cancer is common and not everybody that should be coming in for screening does. Colonoscopy is the only test presently that is proven to detect and prevent colon cancer, but there are alternatives for those individuals not wishing to undergo colonoscopy. Cologuard is one of those options. Remember that any colon cancer screening test is better than none.

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